CEO Ana Doll

Hi, dolls! Welcome to my dream! My name is Ana Karen Andrade, formally known as "Ana Doll." I am a proud latina just fighting for her dreams and working towards building stability and a better foundation than I ever had for my daughter & my family...Lash Dolls is the beginning of a NEW journey in which I no longer make excuses, nor do I settle or quit on myself... BUT where I grind and work to accomplish what they said I couldn't. 

Lash Dolls Things is all about women empowerment & boosting your confidence. My ultimate goal with Lash Dolls Things is to expand & be an inspiration to others. I'd like to show my Dolls that dreams do come true if you truly go for it! It will be hard, people will doubt you, people will hate, imitate & obstacles will get in the way, BUT it is up to you to make NOTHING into SOMETHING... Lash Dolls is a product of HOPE,PAIN, & LOVE all in one.We hope to always inspire our Dolls to have self-love, confidence & be the best version of themselves.

Favorite Quote: "She needed a hero, so she became her own."